An Easter Tea Dance in the French Countryside

We attended an English Tea Dance at a very pretty chateau in the French countryside last weekend. What are the characterstics of an English Tea Dance you ask? 1) Flowery porcelain tea cups 2) strawberry and cream pastry puffs 3) more than one person in attendance named Nigel 4) a strong Pimm’s punch that loosened up the crowd for mid-afternoon dancing.

Le Perche – a great escape only 2 hours from Paris

Le Perche is a little known area of Normandy but it’s an area of France that is near and dear to our hearts here at Fête in France.  Last weekend we got the opportunity to visit a new wedding venue in the area so faster than we could say oui, we had our car keys in hand and our golden retriever in the backseat for a spin out over the rolling green hills of the countryside of lower Normandy.

We pulled up at the chateau and immediately liked what we saw – a long drive, a big parc, a pond and a pretty turreted chateau.  The chateau has been beautifully maintained and features exposed stone walls in many of the rooms.  It’s cozy, bright and welcoming.  For the moment there are 4 very large bedrooms in the chateau and then there are numerous outbuildings which house additional accommodation and a theater.    After a nice visit with the owner and a delicious lunch of homemade soupe de poisson the crowd began to arrive for a traditional English tea dance, which you can read more about in Fête Notes!